The John Clay Wolfe Show

#368 John Clay Wolfe Show 09.17.22

September 17, 2022

Neighbors and pals, we in the Wolfe Pack are nothing if not honest about our past missteps and surely you're not shocked to find that its' true what you've heard about us being "banned for life" by an establishment or two. Now, that's bad, and we confess that we're not proud--but these situations have sure made for some great stories! So give us a shoulder to lean on, and we'll do our best to entertain: we've got a full dose of confiscated new comedy, sports trends and predictions, politics and world news airfare to Martha's Vineyard? Well, yes. Yes, we do. So keep an eye on your wallet, drop a dollar in the kitty, and grab yourself a Natty Light: as we keep saying, it really IS kind of a long story. Readily available bail money is NEVER a bad idea. Cheers.

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