John Clay Wolfe Show

#326 John Clay Wolfe Show 11.13.21

November 13, 2021

Pack your coolers, hook up the smoker and come tailgate with the Wolfe Pack! This week we are DEEP into our college football--and whether you wanna Roll Tide, Gig 'Em, or Boomer Sooner, we've got enough game for your whole bunch. So join us for guidance (and a reliable spread on the day's action) from our old friends El Rushbo, Cluck the Rooster, and of course the Reverend Charles, and some intriguing questions: who is Juan Solo? How did Gigi find the Mormon Church (or was it the other way around)? And who you gonna call when you want the top market price on your car? It's John Clay Wolfe all the way, baby--now hand up one of those Natty Lights and let's kick off! Be sure to bet responsibly.

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