#107 John Clay Wolfe Show

July 29, 2017

On this weeks episode Ramiro Romo tells us about a disease that all retire QB's get around the time NFL training camp starts, John has a run in with one of the major airlines, and givemethevin.com is making dealerships sign a new oath for in-out deals. 


#106 John Clay Wolfe Show 07/22/17

July 22, 2017

On this weeks episode one of the givemethevin.com buyers is giving away his suburban, Randy the Chipmunk tells us about all the interesting things he finds on floor at concerts, and everyones favorite stock market reporter Bob Floyd with the Dope Report.    


#105 John Clay Wolfe 07/15/17

July 15, 2017

On this weeks show Bobbo shares a story about the time he rented a room from a group of guys that live an alternative lifestyle, Ramiro Romo gives us an update on his son's golf game in Lake Tahoe, and Rush Limbaugh tells us all about the his hunting trip with Ted Nugent. 


#104 John Clay Wolfe Show 7/8/17

July 8, 2017

Tony Romo's dad Ramiro has some interesting thoughts on Dak Prescott autograph gate, Rush Limbaugh tells the crew on what really happened with Trump and Putins meeting, and plenty of other hijinx.  


#103 John Clay Wolfe Show 07/01/17

July 1, 2017

On this week episode JD Ryan was off because he moving so the crew and listeners come up with a very special top ten list, Ramiro Romo's tells us why his son Tony is scared of fireworks, and DJ Pre Key with everybody favorite game White, Black, Latino, or Other.


#102 John Clay Wolfe Show 06/24/17

June 24, 2017

Randy the Chipmunk has to get assistance from the Government, John asks the crew what is the top country song ever written, and Rush played golf with Trump this week. All that and much much more!  


#101 John Clay Wolfe Show

June 17, 2017

On this weeks show Randy the Chipmunk talks about his acting career, Van Halen has a new audio book out and the show plays a very FUNNY clip, and Buster Dix talks about his experience at the Metallica show.


#100 John Clay Wolfe Show 06/10/17

June 10, 2017

Jonny Manziel stops by discussing new gig as weatherman, JCW fam out of town, so he needs ideas on what to do while they're gone, Randy the Chipmunk comes down with a case of the Meerkat clap, and the Devil talks about who's next to join him in Hell. Skip thorugh the cars if it bugs.  Rush talks about Comey, SOB.  All start drinking Natty's @ 10A to celebrate 11 yrs of show. More BS less Cars. 


#99 John Clay Wolfe Show

June 3, 2017

On this weeks show Rush Limbaugh tells John the best way to get over a hangover, Randy the Chipmunks hung out with the pilled out Tiger Woods, S***T Found in Cars, and everyone's favorite game show Black, White, Latino, or other!